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*Formation – Learning – Growth – Humility – Evolution – Emancipation*


Azuk Maconnen-Kalen


He is the descendant of a black race Shi-Jiri father from the Lands of the Ebony Men and a native Muscai mother from the Middle Lands of the New World. From a very early age, Azuk showed his tenacity, strength and persistence, characteristics that would help him overcome many obstacles during his long heroic adventure.


Surrounded by slavery and tyranny from the invaders, the brave kid experiences loneliness from a very early age when his parents die and he’s left an orphan. He has to endure rejection and prejudice due to his origins and his skin color. These aspects will forge his tenacity as he proves the world that, even if he is not the gods’ chosen one, he will fulfil his father’s mission and save humanity from divine punishment.

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Azuk Maconnen-Kalen


By the hand of the wise Salomao Ginjiva, his mentor, master and paternal guide, Azuk experiences a tough transformation journey: he must become a worthy representative of his father and he goes from being a lost cause to being the true and last hope for humankind.


It is a school of sweat, blood, pain and sacrifice. He falls and he must stand up every time. He is humiliated and underestimated by the most capable warriors from all tribes of the New World. With everything against him, Azuk proves he is worthy and ready to undertake a journey to his destiny, an uncertain path full of dangers that will make him rethink about his life and his true essence. 

Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*Wandering Walker*

Once he finished his training in the Ikeko-Ikú ritual, Azul leaves as a wandering walker straight to suicide and unknown mission. Even when it seems he is physically and mentally prepared, he is still an inexperienced, insecure young man. This journey will bring some enlightening experiences that will teach Azuk the true value of race diversity, colour and ethnicity through the coexistence with different communities and tribes of the New World.


It may seem Azuk’s destiny was already drawn but life has a shocking surprise for the young wanderer and it will shake his life’s compass and make him doubt about his ultimate goal.


Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*Mayaik Warrior*

After an unusual, magical life-changing challenge, Azuk restarts his journey in the Upper Lands of the New World. He becomes a member of the Mayaik tribe, a strong, hostile community, ready to defend their values and beliefs beyond their own lives. These foundations are tattooed on Azuk’s skin as a blood, sweat and resilient lesson.


Azuk experiences an unexpected but fundamental stage of his life that reinforces his honour code and forges his character as the emancipator hero humanity needs to remain alive.

Azuk Maconnen-Kalen


Again, life takes Azuk to a new adventure where he will be a different person. Now he will coexist with the mundane, forbidden, irreverent and profane lower spheres of society. For reasons beyond his control and determined to stay alive, the intrepid young man is now a seven seas privateer.


In a blink of an eye, Azuk has now become a member of the Ducado clan, the most dreadful pirates who terrorize and plunder everything on their way. This new stage on Azuk’s life shows him the other side of the coin: the tyrant, enemy side, with all of its motives and reasons. And even surrounded by lie and betrayal, Azuk will never lose his noble, kind and protective essence, as the true hero he is.


Azuk Maconnen-Kalen


As a new life cycle that repeats, Azuk experiences first-hand slavery again. After being a cruel tyrant of the seas who believed he had the world in his own hands, the circumstances defeat Azuk and put him in the lowest step of the XVI century’s society: a coal mine slave.


It doesn’t take long for Azuk to hit rock bottom where he finds all the answers he was looking for. His principles take over, his cycle as a justice icon begins and his journey is redirected towards his emancipatory mission.

Azuk Maconnen-Kalen


The immature and doubtful youngster is now a man of values and principles and his life is entirely devoted to his Balsawas (Blood Brother, from Shi-Jiri tongue). Back on track, close to his origins and guided by his master (Salomao Ginjiva), Azuk returns to the last level of his training and he finally becomes the living legend of freedom. He is not only a member of the Cimarrones redeemer guard, but he also turns into the legendary hero, remembered for generations, ZAMBO DENDÉ.


As the living hope of the oppressed, ZAMBO DENDÉ has turned into a nightmare for invaders and the most important obstacle for the profitable, dark business of slave trading.


Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*ZD/Plaza Musician*

Once he’s made a reputation as the -Man-Raven Jungle Spirit-, ZAMBO DENDÉ adopts the clever shape of a Plaza Musician. This is a strategic move to dissuade the Royal Guard’s attention and focus on the espionage of the place where slave trades are sealed. This front-row seat allows Azuk the anonymity necessary to follow and track slave shiploads and plan the perfect strike for the next full moon night. It is an ongoing liberation plan.


It is a risky, clever tactic but Azuk is also a great musician and he would never suspect his talent would lead him to meet the love of his life.

Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*ZD/The Reborn*

The myth of a man who forged himself to save an oppressed people has grown stronger than ever. His hidden version, camouflaged into a supernatural legend becomes the true chieftain of the slave rebellion and it empowers the masses to achieve their own emancipation. Without planning it, Azuk has become the leader that will abolish slavery and the one who teaches invaders an unforgettable lesson.


After a supernatural experience, ZAMBO DENDÉ transforms into a re-born leader, ready to face the final battle of redemption. A battle that will leave a legacy that many will follow for decades.


Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*Courseless Traveler*

What seemed to be the end of a journey full of obstacles and learning was actually the beginning of his true mission: TO SAVE HUMANITY. Leaving behind a reputation as a martyr, ZAMBO DENDÉ has adopted his most humble human profile and he has anonymously undertaken a long journey to the portal of Neukayoth to face his destiny.


Azuk walks on foot to the Lower Lands of the New World and he is decided to hold back the divine fury and redeem himself as a human. During his crossing he realizes there’s still a lot to learn due to an experience in which he becomes all those whom he will defend.

Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*Pampas Horsedealer*

Several years have passed since Azuk has lived between the villages and communities during his journey as Courseless Traveler. He has learnt their cultures, traditions, mysticism and magic, stepping up his mystic and supernatural abilities; because he knows what awaits him doesn’t belong to this world.

Azuk is getting closer to his destination and now he is an expert horse rider, united as one with nature and also with the communities he is helping. His legacy has spread along with the New World, but he is bringing it to the most hidden places to reassure humankind is entitled to have one last opportunity.


Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*Dweller of the Ice*

Azuk has reached the inhabited Ice Lands. He is just a few miles from the Neukayoth but lands get too tough and he is all by himself. His impetus, tenacity and resilience are his only allies. Without a clue, this last stage of cold training will prepare his human body through physical pain into a master, a mentor and the last protector of humankind.


Older but stronger than ever, Azuk’s spirit has grown more vigorous and he is convinced to praise not only his father’s name but also the true dive powers given to him: faith, persistence and resilience.

Azuk Maconnen-Kalen

*Shaman Master*

Azuk has finally reached the boundaries of the Neukayoth and the humble place where the chosen ones live. By doing so, he has also fulfilled his mission to become the greatest Shaman Master and the pleader of humans before the cosmic gods. Turned into a wise man, expert of the ancestral knowledge, owner of the white magic’s mysteries and holder of the ancestral gifts of the shamans, Azuk tries one last time to pledge for humankind through peaceful ways before the Ethéreas’ gods.


The gods’ answers demonstrate their decision to end up with humanity is still prevailing and bewildered Azuk prepare himself for the ultimate battle.



*Demigod of the Sun*

Azuk faces a race against time and a horde of demigods willing to stop him at any cost. He uses all of his shamanic powers and the ancestral ornaments to evolve into a demigod level, turning himself into the great Zhandor, son of the sun, the demigod born from the sunlight, the golden ore and the human kindness.


Zhandor is ready to protect human sovereignty in a one by one fight against Karak’s children to reach the top of the Neukayoth and finally face the destiny he has long prepared for.


*Jaguar God*

The countdown has reached to cero. About to be defeated and after an unexpected movement, Zhandor turns into the powerful cosmic god WAWGI-KACHAR, the JAGUAR GOD, a pure demonstration of persistence, faith and resilience. Beyond a god covered in a golden jaguar armour, he is the materialization of the people who never gave up and took their pledges right to their creator through the best messenger of all times: a human being born amongst humiliation but forged under the belief that we are all equal and have the right to live in freedom. Azuk’s destiny is now a reality and his journey has come to an end.


Will Azuk be able to stop the cosmic forces to give humanity one last opportunity?