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The MAYAIK people are strong warriors and skilled huntsmen. They have a solid political structure and a wise governance style. They are located in the middle areas of the Upper Lands and they outnumber the other tribes of the New World.


They are outstanding architects known by their pyramids; great artists of the visual design and the ornamental, decorative, pictographic and sculpture arts.


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The MAYAIK are the most sadistic, rudest and fiercest tribe of the New World. From an early age, they train their kids in the arts of war and battle, no matter gender or disabilities. Every member of the tribe is a part of their military forces. When it comes to divine offerings they sacrifice humans to please the gods: sometimes their enemies, sometimes their own kind.

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The MUSCAI tribe is known by its peaceful ways. They are characterized by the union and solidarity of their communities and their kindness to other tribes in times of war. The MUSCAI have no enemies known and they are always the mediators when the tribes committees take place.


They are expert fishermen and crop harvesters, because they believe in sowing and keeping the balance with Mother Earth, even though they can hunt in moments of extreme need. They are incredible goldsmiths; their ability with gold, emerald extraction and handcrafts has no equal.


They are located in small communities around the Middle Lands of the New World.


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It’s said that the MUSCAI tribe was blessed by the gods due to their fertile lands, the variety of fauna and flora they have, the multiple water resources and the abundant sources of nourishment. Their lands were also chosen to see the birth of AZUK MACONNEN-CALEN (ZAMBO DENDÉ) and his mother, a Muscai princess.

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The SHI-JIRI is the only tribe outside the New World: they are located in ancient territories, where the Lands of the Ebony Men are. They are recognized by their dark skin and considered the first ethnic group of humanity, the purest race.


They are expert huntsmen and skilled hikers under extreme temperatures. They are the most resistant tribe, due to their body shape and they are known by their powerful warriors with unique battle techniques. Due to their strength abilities, most of their communities were divided and their members were taken to serve as slaves in the New World.


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It’s known that ZAMBO’s genetic line came from the Shi-Jiri tribe. His father was YABONGA DENDÉ, heir of KAFUNELÉ’S throne. Yabonga was taken prisoner and enslaved in the New World but he was also chosen by the great cosmic god MALAK-BOAKI to protect the humankind from the tyranny of the cosmic gods, especially from KARAK-QUASIM’s evil plans.

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The NEKAK tribe, also known as ‘Men of the Icy Winds’, is the most isolated tribe of all. They are located in the Lower Lands of the New World and they live in small sparsely populated communities.


They are expert fishermen and they hunt huge animals for their nourishment. Due to the wildlands they live in, they don’t rely on agriculture; they are resistant to extremely cold temperatures and they have survived due to their nomadic traditions.



NEKAK members are also known for being the guards and first defense line of the temple of the ancestral shamans, the NEUKAYOTH. Their proximity to this energy point allows them to understand and face any cosmic emergencies. This is the reason why the supreme Shaman must always come from this tribe. 


As a matter of fact, AKA-ELE is not a tribe itself: it is a conglomerate of members of all tribes that have been oppressed by New World invaders. They were once enslaved and THE CIMARRONES freedom army liberated them from every corner of the New World, with the help of the legendary ZAMBO DENDÉ to create this new community.


AKA-ÉLE community is located in the northern territories of the Middle Lands and they hide their households inside an inactive volcano.


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AKA-ÉLE represents the unity of all tribes in the New World. They are the best living example of equality and freedom. They co-exist and work as a community to achieve freedom for all of their siblings. They are also known as the Inhabitants of the Clouds, due to the constant clouds that cover the volcano they live in. It is a natural strategy to protect themselves from the invaders.


It is said that iconic warriors and military leaders live, train and plan their freedom strikes from the volcano. It’s also said that the legendary ZAMDO DENDÉ inhabits the AKA-ÉLE lands.