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This temple belongs to the oldest son of the cosmic god, Karak. The great KUMJÓ, leader of the demigods, guards the jungles and Middle Lands of the New World.

The temple was built by natives of the region and it took a hundred years to be completed. It was carved in a mountain and it’s characterized by its unbreakable fort and the huge totems representing the imposing figure of the demigod they protect.

Kumjó’s Temple

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It’s said that inside the temple rest a huge army of the best native warriors of all tribes, taken by Kumjó as a tribute. Legend says that these warriors are submerged in a catatonic state, waiting for their final war call.

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This temple belongs to YEMANJÁ, daughter of the god Karak and demigoddess of Seas and Waters of the New World.

This unusual temple was built under the Atlantic Ocean, where the tides levels go down to the point of revealing the entrance to the sanctuary and the loyal devotes are allowed in. This also makes this temple the most dangerous to bring any offerings.

Yemanjá’s Temple

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This construction was bewitched by the demigoddess itself as a protection mechanism. That’s the reason why this temple doesn’t need to be guarded: the water around it has a life of its own.

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KULAÍ, demigod of Fire and governor of the Upper Lands of the New World, is the owner of this imposing temple: A pyramidal construction made of heavy stone blocks and built upon the sweat, blood, and bodies of the mortal slaves who built it.


The so-called Death Pyramid is the architectural work that exalts the pain and human suffering and its design is the reminder of a giant scale sacrifice altar.

Kulaí’s Temple


Despite of his dislike for humans, inside these walls Kulaí enjoys the earthiest pleasures: mortal offerings in the company of fruits, all kinds of crops and the most exotic addition: human flesh.

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Cold and isolated, this temple belongs to KAKANTÉ, demigoddess of the Wind in the Lower Lands of the New World and youngest daughter of the cosmic god, Karak.


It was built upon rock and ice on the bottom of the highest mountain, which makes it unreachable for humans. Its location was strategically selected so Kakanté could watch over the ancestral shamans and their movements around the Neukayoth.

Kakanté’s Temple

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Only a few people have reached this temple and they have known it’s a one way trip. This is why Kakanté’s offerings are always delivered by convicted criminals or terminal patients. However, it’s known that, just like her brother Kulaí, Kakanté enjoys the taste of human flesh but her favorite is the taste of fresh drained out blood.

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