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The DEMIGODS are the children of the cosmic god Karak-Quasim, conceived by mortal women and created to keep the New World under control and to avoid human uprising at any cost.


KUMJÓ is the firstborn of the cosmic god KARAK: There relies their physical resemblance. He was conceived after his father mated with a Muscai woman. He shows himself as a gracious, smooth demigod, willing to help in cases of need, but deep down he is treacherous, selfish and egocentric. His main concern is that his siblings become more dreadful and powerful than him. He considers his lack of mercy as his biggest strength: he never forgives one mistake.


It is said that some minutes after his birth, KUMJÓ devoured his own mother. The villagers around her tried to help her but they were horrified by the baby’s aspect. Therefore they made an iron and feathers mask that was melted down with the demigod’s face.

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KAKANTÉ is KARAK’s first daughter. He is a cold demigoddess with a stone heart and a notorious inability to socialize, due to his isolation in the wildest, inhospitable lands of the New World. Her loneliness has turned her into a bold, fearless, fierce deity. It is said that before she was born, her Nekak mother undertook a journey to call for the help of midwifes in the Neukayoth immediation. The relentless southern weather wrapped her mother into an ice storm and froze her to death. However, KAKANTÉ kept growing and she ate her mother when she was born, becoming an ice creature capable of surviving under the lowest temperatures.


CHIÍA is KARAK’s second daughter and one of the most distant of the demigoddess. She presents herself as a maternal, warm, understanding woman but she is truly a peevish, hostile and apathetic deity. It is said that the moment she devoured her mother the taste and smell felt so disgusting that she developed a sharp human repulsion, so she decided to go into exile to the moon. That’s where she uses her powers to manipulate tides and moon phases to keep humans under control. During the full moon, CHIÍA reveals her position up in the sky so she can descend to Earth and collect the offerings from the nasty humans.

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SANGÓ is the fifth and younger son of KARAK. He refugees under the image of a good strategist and military prodigy to hide his hostility, aggressive spirit and barbaric personality that has nothing to do with wittiness. He is convinced his brute force and deadly strikes are his best qualities when war times come. He despises weakness, submissiveness and the coward pleadings of the ones who pray for their lives.


It is said that SANGÓ’s mother was an outstanding Shi-Jiri warrior who fought against his own son during her labor. They both showed their best battle skills but SANGÓ’s strength exceeded her mother’s and he finally devoured her.



KULAÍ is the third son of the cosmic god KARAK. He presents himself as a gentle, alluring, gallant demigod but deep down he is despotic, rude and individualistic. He recognizes his natural charm and seduction ability as his biggest strengths. He’s always looking for attention and admiration and he is easily annoyed when others disregard his own merits.


During his labour-process, his mother was running away from the Mayaik warriors who wanted to kill his doomed creature. A fire arrow pierced the woman and KULAÍ devoured his mother along with the arrow as soon as he was born. That made fire a part of his genetics and gave him the ability to control it at his will.



YEMANJÁ is KARAK’s youngest daughter and her favorite alongside with KUMJÓ. She is an unpredictable demigoddess, with a strong personality and an imposing will. She rules waters and seas and it’s impossible to know when her moods will cause a maritime catastrophe.


When the natives discovered KAKANTÉ’s pythoness mother had an aberrant relationship with the god KARAK, they forced her to jump overboard in the open seas when she was still pregnant. She drowned in the deepest waters of the Atlantic Ocean but YEMANJÁ grew up on her belly as her body adapted to live on earth and into the sea. She devoured her mother when she was born and soon became the most desired and feared deity of the New World.