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Magic-laden OBJECTS, divine weapons capable of destroying entire universes, ancestral ornaments that hold great heroes’ stories and many other relevant contraption of the journey of the great Latin hero.

The Mystic Medallion

of the god Malak-Boaki

Made with the very blood of the cosmic gods’ leader, this incalculable powerful object will provide its carrier the ability to transmute, control deities of lower degrees such as demigods or Blasphemers, time travelling and the ability to exceed any human capability.


This collar is the fundamental piece that allows the Chosen One to fulfil his mission and it also creates a connection with Malak’s divine power: this establishes a cosmic energy power shield able to resist any godly attack. However, the collar’s power cannot be unleashed without its counterpart: THE IMMACULATE.

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The Mystic Dagger

of the god Karak-Quasim

It was made with a piece of the dark gem embedded in Karak-Quasim’s belt and it is a powerful cold steel weapon capable of killing divine beings. It was specifically designed to murder Malak’s chosen one or any deity who gets in the way because no human weapon can harm the chosen one once he’s merged with the Collar.


What gods never had in mind when they made them was that the union of both weapons (Malak’s Medallion and Karak’s Dagger) could be a lethal combination for any deity. The Dagger’s power cannot be unleashed without its counterpart: THE IMPIOUS.

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Godly Weapons*

< Malak’s Scepter

It’s the Golden and emerald crosier that holds Malak-Boaki’s creation and gives him strength before his enemies. A knock of this object on the Ehtérea’s ground could create great ravages, not only in divine’s soil but also amongst his creations. Legends say that if the Scepter ever leaves Malak’s hands the consequences will be catastrophic for the entire universe.

Zhandor’s Sickle >

This divine weapon is the evolution of ZAMBO DENDE’s traditional bowie knife and it appears when he transforms into Zhandor, the Demigod of the Sun. This weapon allows him to face any of the demigods’ weapons and have an equal combat. It is forged upon gold, wood, bone and emerald from the fusion of the Collar, the Bowie Knife and the Tunjko Mask.

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Ancestral Objects*

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< The Talhajad

It is the book of the Dark Truth and it allows its carrier to open the portal into the divine sacred laws hidden in the arts of fortune-telling, magic, levitation, reincarnation, teleportation amongst many others. It is the main tool of the scientist and alchemist, Jacubus Piribus.

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 The Emerald Pendulum >

This artifact was made for shamans use only: it creates a connection with Malak’s powers, magic and mysticism and allows a special communication between him and the shamans. It is usually hidden in shamans’ crosiers and it activates the powers of Malak’s Medallion.

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< The Tunjko Mask

It is one of the objects forged by Uruthú under the divine command of Malak. It merges the sun’s divine power with the human tenacity and it aims to invest its carrier (the Chosen One) with enough energy to transform himself into the Demigod of the Sun.

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*The fleet of the high seas


< The Great Black Danubio

It is the flagship of the reckless pirate privateers clan: the Ducado. It is a small shell that hides a brutal warlike capacity under the command of Admiral Joseph McKenzie. It is perfect for quick escapes and maneuvers on the high seas.

The Golden Desire >

It is Sir Francis Drake’s favorite craft. He used it to steal the Crown’s gold and eventually to trade slaves in a massive scale. It is a war lethal weapon with the best battle equipment of its era. It is said it has the only craft equipped with a triple canon.

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The Mayaik Crosier*


It is the Mayaik exotic flagship weapon and it can only be used by authorized warriors during combat against their enemies. It’s made of wood, bones and copper and its 25 kilograms make it a lethal skull-breaker shredder.


   *Tacos El Balam

The “Taco-mobile”, as Kat calls it, is the famous food truck where Miguel and Kat prepare the famous tacos and enchiladas EL BALAM and it is their only way of livelihood. Its colours and traditional Mexican decoration make it unique and recognizable from miles away. What only a few people know is that BALAM means Jaguar in Mayaik language… Would it be a coincidence?