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     Live Action 


LIVE ACTION audiovisual products will bring the adventures and feats of our living Legend of freedom to the big screen. There are two lines of development: TV SHOW and FEATURE FILMS. These products will be developed and produced with the highest standards of the international industry.

TV Show*

LIVE ACTION TV SHOW will begin right at the moment when Azuk has lost all of his memories, after becoming a dreadful privateer alongside the Ducado’s clan. Simultaneously, after the incidents with the Senescal and the Emerald Circle, Kat will be held captive and the enemies will have the leverage on their quest for the Malak’s Medallion.


The TV Show is initially developed for two seasons with 8 episodes each and a 40-minute length for every episode. (Format 8X40’X2). This contemporary format is currently used for most international digital streamers and it will ease the adaptation of the content from other platforms into the live-action formats.


Thanks to the acknowledgement of national talents into the international industry and also the positioning of Colombia as one profitable production base, ZAMBO DENDÉ’s TV Show will be mostly produced in its native country.


ZAMBO DENDÉ’s TV Show is a Colombian production supported by National Film Support Fund by PROIMÁGENES and the Law 1556.

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2015/ / Aiming to produce the Live Action Project in Colombia, the intellectual property owner, 7GLAB, in co-production with FOX TELECOLOMBIA and supported by PROIMÁGENES and the Film Support Law -1556-, the experimental short film THE PREDICTABLE NIGHT is filmed under Riccardo Gabrielli’s direction (EL CAPO, LA LECTORA, TIEMPO FINAL) and the executive production of Nicolás Rodríguez (ZAMBO DENDÉ’s creator). It is a seven minute format that introduces the liberator action of our hero inside some slavery camps and presents some insights of the fantasy universe behind the project.

2016/ Nicolás Rodríguez, creator and executive producer of the universe of ZAMBO DENDÉ, releases a Beta Teaser, 100% made by Colombian talents, to test the impact of the project on a general audience.


Simultaneously, the post-production process of the short film is temporarily stopped to update it with the latest developments of the content and the feedback received from some experts of the international industry.

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2018/ With all the content updated and lined up, the first season of ZAMBO DENDÉ – THE LATIN AMERICAN HERO SHOW- begins its development and writing process. It is a project with international standards, multiple languages appearance (Spanish, English and Native Languages) and it’s ready to be produced under the strategic schedule of the entire universe. ZAMBO DENDÉ projects the beginning of its pre-production process by 2021.

2019/Under the direction and production of Nicolás Rodríguez, creator of ZAMBO DENDÉ, a two-minute Demo Short Film is released to show our fans the quality and high standards that will be presented on the final audiovisual products.


The two-minute Demo was made by 100% Latin talents and was released during the COMIC-CON COLOMBIA event in front of more than 200 ZAMBO DENDÉ Universe fans.


2020 >/ The content is updated and lined up again to create the new script of the short film THE PREDICTABLE NIGHT. This project will become a part of the Universe of ZAMBO DENDÉ by 2021. As a communication and loyalty strategy, we are planning to start a KICKSTARTER fundraiser to call together our fans into the final stages of the sort film.


Feature Film*

ZAMBO DENDÉ’s live action FEATURE FILM starts at the same point the TV Show does, but this specific product aims to complement and complete the first transmedia content cycle of the whole project, bringing it to the big screen.


THE LEGEND OF ZAMBO DENDÉ will be a feature film aligned with the Colombian TV Shows production standards, to establish a homogeneous style between all audiovisual products. However, the feature film will have a high standard visual effects development that allows us to get the most of this fantasy and epic fiction Universe.


Once the timeline is ready, ZAMBO DENDÉ’S Feature Film is expected to be financed under the National Film Support Fund by PROIMÁGENES and the Law 1556.

*Marko Zaror/Talent


The Chilean actor confirms his leading

role as ZAMBO DENDÉ.