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ZAMBO DENDÉ is a transmedia fictional project –for all ages, genders and cultures- created in Colombia. It wants to spread a freedom, brotherhood and equality message through the story of AZUK MACONNEN-KALEN (ZAMBO DENDÉ), son of a black slave and an indigenous Latin slave during the XVI century. Unexpectedly, Zambo undertakes an unprecedented journey, full of magic and mysticism, with the only goal of protecting the humankind from the gods’ tyranny.


ZAMBO DENDÉ aims to bring the first multi-ethnic hero to the international entertainment industry, thanks to the work of artists, creative and Latin producers, and also to represent the Latin American culture through its large mythology and oral tradition, all the way from Mexico to Argentina.


A path traveled,

a dream under construction.

In 2010, Nicolás Rodríguez, a dreamer, writer, director, creative, comic lover and a fan of all fictional universes, created ZAMDO DENDÉ. The project’s first drawings and lines were created in a small Colombian communication agency, where people believed they could imagine greater, they could reach the big leagues and prove they could develop huge Hollywood-style projects from their hometown in Colombia (South America).


Demos, sketches and tests were made to show the world the amazing universe ZAMBO DENDÉ was developing. The project also participated in national and international markets and contests, worked with international specialists and won several contests that gave it the impulse to head into the international entertainment industry.


This is a dream under construction but every day it grows stronger. Slow and steady steps lead this project into a reality, supported by our fans. In the end, they know this is all for them.


An objective,

The International market.

ZAMBO DENDÉ is more than sketches, tests or one single amazing comic book. Our mission is to share a slot with the biggest cracks of our guild: Batman, Superman, Harry Potter and – why not- Star Wars itself. We want to prove ZAMBO DENDÉ has everything to become one of the greatest projects of the industry.


That is why the Universe of ZAMBO DENDÉ is built upon a trans-media content base that allows the users to live the experience in multiple platforms and, at the same time, to connect with the story and the world in a transversal way.


Cinema theatres, digital TV, video games, comic books, podcasts, music, merchandising and even theme parks are ready to welcome ZAMBO DENDÉ and its multi-platform Universe.

ZAMBO, its creator

& 7GLab.

A few people know that ZAMBO DENDÉ made its creator’s dreams come true: make his biggest hobby a way of living, getting him the American visa or being the only Colombian to have a stand on the COMIC-CON event in San Diego, California (USA).


What nobody knows is that ZAMBO DENDÉ was the cornerstone of the first Colombian (and maybe Latin American) studio specialized in the creation of fantastic universes and fiction content. It built a company and opened a window for Colombian and Latin content into the international market. It gave life to 7GLAB ENTERTAINMENT.


Today, 7GLab is a Colombian creative studio and production company, with more than 30 original Intellectual Properties ready to be activated in the international market. It has 360° production services (audiovisual, editorial, interactive, collectable, and licensing) and consulting services for the best mass consumption companies in Colombia and around the globe. If you want to know more about ZAMBO DENDÉ's creator, click on the image:



100% LatinAmerican

The content you’re about to enjoy is written, illustrated, recorded, printed, produced and released by Colombian and Latin American artists, writers, producers, animators and developers. This turns ZAMBO DENDÉ into the first fiction and fantasy universe based on the Latin culture and folklore made 100% by Latin hands.