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Treacherous, hostiles, cocky, peevish, opportunist, violent and some of them are even murderers. The ENEMIES of our Latin hero are always looking for ways to stop ZAMBO and his freedom acts because they represent an obstacle for their personal interests.

Don Antonio de Borbón

ANTONIO DE BORBÓN is the wealthiest landowner of the Kingdom of Granada. Agriculturist, cattle rancher and miner, he is a close friend of the Viceroy and the most prestigious and dangerous businessman of the entire region.


During his youth, ANTONIO CASALLAS experienced suffering and austerity when she worked for a wealthy family, looking after their pigs in the Lands of the Trade Monarchs. Thanks to his job, he maintained his old parents and siblings in a small house outside the kingdom. With time and a lot of sacrifice, ANTONIO got enough savings to buy his own pigs and start trading with them. That’s how he realized his abilities with business and he began to take advantages of them. Soon, he became a very influential man and got himself a way into the bourgeois society. That was when he self-proclaimed as ANTONIO DE BORBÓN.


ANTONIO is selfish, possessive, racist and arrogant. Losing his wife, Anabelle, is his only fear because she is the only woman he has loved without pretensions. Anything else is just a simple procedure he can achieve through any means.

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Marko McGloin

MARKO McGLOIN, known as “SIX CORPSES McGLOIN” by the justice of the Old Continent, was born in the Lands of the Grey Skies. McGLOIN escapes from the Crown’s vigilantes and arrives into the New World. In his childhood he survived the cold weather and the hunger thanks to the money he collected during clandestine fights and gambling, and he was always cheating to win.


MARKO pretends to be a seductive, eloquent man, who admires and compliment other’s merits. However, he is truly an aggressive man with no empathy at all. He preserves an image of an unbreakable, braggart man.


MARKO McGLOIN is vindictive, haughty, defiant and extremely violent, even though he is faithful to the hand that feeds him; this is why he has a solid relation with his employer, Don Antonio de Borbón.

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Dr. Klung &

Magdalena Irriarte

Dr. BERNARD KLUNG was born in the Lands of the Grey Skies and he was sponsored by one of the most renowned doctors of the academy. That’s how he began his studies and he became a bright promise of the medicine’s elites in the Old Continent. KLUNG is an erudite doctor, known by his investigations on infectology but he tends to be a compliant man with his teachers and colleagues. He is meticulous and hypochondriac; not so brave but a very accurate professional with his diagnosis and methods. KLUNG is Piribus right-hand man in the New World and now he is looking for a scientific project that gives him the highest recognition.


MAGDALENA IRRIARTE was born in a gipsy family and during her childhood, she wandered with them around several regions of the Old Continent. In her journey, she learned dancing, singing, music, body expression and some illusionism. Due to her seductive personality, she seems like an easy woman but she is actually an ambitious lady who uses her charms to get what she wants. She fears oppression and any kind of deprivation of liberty. She is graceful, seductive, subtle and persuasive. When De Borbón’s wife dies, MAGDALENA becomes his personal lover and his fortune’s manager.


The Sevillano

One of the biggest mysteries of the new Kingdom of Granada is the apparition and origins of THE SEVILLANO. Nobody knows his whereabouts or living place but he came to the New World to compete against Antonio de Borbón’s businesses and mess with his entire empire.


THE SEVILLANO has matched Borbón in wealth and power, which lead them into a dark enmity. His showmanship and the wild pig mask he uses turn him into a mysterious, dreadful character. He has pushed out into obscurantists, paranormal fields to beat De Borbón and get the absolute power to rule the New World.


THE SEVILLANO is relentless and he always gets what he wants. He only looks for power and De Borbón is the only one in his way, so he plans to destroy him slow and painfully.

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Jacubus Piribus

At first sight, JACUBUS PIRIBUS is a respected erudite from the science spheres of the Old Continent and, as true as this may be, his methods are full of cheats and influenced by his need to fulfill his own benefits. He is tremendously persuasive, manipulator, curious and energetic. He is a lover of non-conventional experimentation and the dark arts of occultism. He seeks for absolute, superior knowledge and he is willing to get into the paranormal spheres to get it.


JACUBUS was born in the Lands of the Grey Skies and he had a life full of privileges because he comes from a bourgeois family from the city. This allowed him to finish his medical studies and from a very early age he was interested in physics, chemistry, astronomy and general science. His investigations lead him into the origins of the occultist arts in the very centre of the New World.


When his father died, he used all of his inherited fortune to travel to the Kingdom of Granada and give himself entirely to the investigation of the dark arts. He is Don Antonio de Borbón’s personal advisor.

Isabel II de Castilla 

& Fernando de Aragón

ISABEL II DE CASTILLA and FERNANDO DE ARAGÓN are the kings of the Old Continent and owners of almost every land in the New World. FERNANDO was engaged to Isabel’s sister and she was supposed to become the queen of the Kingdom. However, she suffered an apparent terminal disease and died, so FERNANDO took the second lady in the bloodline as his wife: ISABEL II. Under their command, the kingdom has shown economic growth and an exponential social development. Besides, the mercantile boom has allowed the exploration of new territories and business lines on the other side of the sea, bringing unimaginable wealth to the Crown, at the expense of hundreds of native lives.


ISABEL II is self-centred, arrogant, selfish and merciless. She is a relentless queen against anyone who defies her interests. On the other hand, FERNANDO is treacherous, convenient, high-handed and especially compliant with the manipulative ISABEL II: she is the true monarch of the kingdom.

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Virrey Solis

& Son

MANUEL SOLIS and his son PEDRO are the monarchs of the New World and the Crown representatives in terms of wealth and governance. MANUEL is a cousin of ISABEL II and she personally chose him to become viceroy of the Lands of the Trade Monarchs. Her goal was to develop solid political and economic relations with the new Landowners of the New World, especially Don Antonio de Borbón, to ensure the Kingdom’s wealth through their tributes.


THE VICEROY is advantageous, a conceited aristocrat, he is a great politician but an untrustworthy man. PEDRO is an introverted, weak and useless man. He follows his father everywhere and tries to follow his steps. Public relations are not his strength but he agrees to join the aristocratic spheres to get some sneak peek on men’s private rooms.

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AJANÍ was born in a small Shi-Jiri village and he is the son of the Membaé’s community king. AJANÍ is Yabonga Dendé’s main rival in the battle for the Shi-Jiri’s throne, a dreamt he has had since he was a little boy.


AJANÍ is a hunter and an expert warrior. He is kind and reasonable but also selfish and mean when someone gets in his way. He is willing to betray his own brothers to prevent another Dendé reign.


Silverio Do Santos

SILVERIO DO SANTOS is one of the most dangerous hired assassins in the New World. He has an untraceable death record and he is almost invincible due to his physical and combat abilities. He is the Kingdom guard’s last resource to complete all the dirty work.


SILVERIO was raised by his mother, Soreida, in the Middle Lands of the New World and he grew up believing his father was a warrior who died during combat, so he was determined to honor his name. Since he was a little boy he trained himself in combat arts and his body strengthened and he got his current shape. He is a hypocrite, irascible, rude, tough and vindictive: a true deception master.


Several years of his life, SILVERIO was enslaved and he developed a deep hatred for slaves, so he became a slave hunter for the Crown and one of ZAMBO DENDÉ’s principal enemies.

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Almr. Joseph McKenzie

JOSEPH McKENZIE is a seven seas admiral and he is the absolute leader of the DUCADO privateer group. McKENZIE was born in the Lands of the Grey Skies and he swore his eternal loyalty to ISABEL I and FERNANDO’s crown. His faithfulness and bravery got him as spot as an Admiral of the Royal Company, the Crown’s maritime transport fleet. After a while, he became a rude, decided man when he was betrayed by his friend, Sir Francis Drake, and his forbidden love, the queen Isabel II, so he decided to get revenge from the woman who broke his heart. He believes in nothing but the gold bars in his pockets.


Admiral McKENZIE takes everything to its lasts consequences, including his promises, his commitments and his honor oats: he is a man of his word. During his stay in the New World he became one of the most dreadful slave tradesmen as a strategy to get his final revenge against his only rival, the knight Francis Drake.


Skull Head


DAGMAROK, STEVIANKO and ABDEL, known as the Skull Head Brothers, are three lethal mercenaries and bounty hunters from the Lands of the Grey Skies. They share the same mother but they never knew their fathers. This trio of bullies is member of the Ducado’s clan and they are in charge of intimidation and brute force, which is usually needed by the clan’s leader, Admiral McKenzie.


DAGMAROK is arrogant, STEVIANKO is highly aggressive and ABDEL is very compulsive. The three of them create the perfect formula for chaos and devastation and the only things they have in common are booze and women.


The SKULL HEAD BROTHERS were the last recruited members that consolidated the group: they were supposed to be hanged for the crimes of robbery and murder but the Admiral traded them in exchange of some alcohol barrels and tobacco.

Li Xioung-Fa

LI XIOUNG-FA is the femme fatale member of the Ducado clan. She is lethal and seductive, master of the western martial arts and a specialist with the whip. She was born in the Lands of the Setting Sun and she showed a special ability with battle arts since she was a little girl. However, a woman in her society would have never been able to become a member of Emperor Yinzhen’s battle rows; therefore she was destined to become a wife or a geisha. She soon refused to this imposed destination and she runs away from home and became a thief and an expert assassin.


LI XIOUNG-FA is a rude, strict and radical woman. She fears public humiliation, inferiority and the loss of her honour. She is meticulous and observant: she uses every single detail to achieve her own benefit. She never allows anyone to cross her limits and she is the Admiral’s secret lover.

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Gustav Lacroix

& Garret

GUSTAV LACROIX is a sword expert from the Lands of Arts, the second in command of the Ducado clan and Admiral McKenzie’s right-hand man. GUSTAV is a refined man, a cult aristocrat who ended up in maritime delinquency due to his love for a woman. This is the reason that put him and McKenzie together. On the other hand, GARRET is rude, male chauvinist and a perfect womanizer. He thinks women as sexual objects and male service slaves. GARRET is an experienced gunslinger who has only one law: One bullet, one life. Like all of his fellow partners, he is addicted to rum and a good pair of delicate legs.


GUSTAV AND GARRET don’t really get along, they are arguing most of the time and when things heat up they take any discussion into a fistfight. GARRET thinks GUSTAV doesn’t have the balls to lead a clan like the Ducado, unlike him, a warrior ready to proof what he’s made of.

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Boris Soloviov &


BORIS SOLOVIOV and CHIMPAI are the oddest duo inside the Ducado clan. Water and oil, they are opposite but inseparable folks who live in a constant confrontation. BORIS is a cold, calculating, calm man while CHIMPAI is violent, impulsive and bloodthirsty. However, when battles come, they are the perfect ruthless team, they share combat techniques and their robbery strategies make them uniquely effective.


BORIS met CHIMPAI during a slave hunt in the Pigmy Islands. When the Ducado saw these tiny men could never fulfill the physical standards for slavery they decided to exterminate all of them. The Pygmy men fought back and only a few survived. When Stevianko was about to finish CHIMPAI, BORIS stopped him and decided to keep this little man as a pet. After a while, they became good friends and unbreakable partners.


Dean Sullivan &

Anao Bembaé

The wealthy DEAN SULLIVAN is an erudite man with several academic titles and a huge influence within the academic spheres of California. His biggest passion is the study of ancient cultures; this is why he serves as professor and dean of one of the most prestigious universities of North America: Saint Pete Corberus University. From this place he supervises any event around the anthropologic world, even Katherine Hernández’s thesis, which he considers a total waste of time. The rumours say he has some kind of relation to the Emerald Circle.


Ambitious, stubborn and a little haughty, ANAO BEMBAÉ is the apprentice of the great shaman Amot-Otula. A man dedicated to the study of ancestral native mystic rituals who wants to become the shaman’s successor, once this leaves the terrestrial plane. ANAO believes humankind has wasted the precious gifts of the gods so it needs to be put back on track by any means.