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DEITIES are cosmic energies created to keep the universal balance and prosperity amongst dimensions. Their origins remain a mystery, but there’s no doubt about their infinite powers.


MALAK-BOAKI is the firstborn of the almighty deity BAH-CHUÉ. He helped Bah-Chué with the creation of his siblings, which is why he is the owner and true heir of the Ethérea’s throne. He honors his creations and he created humans in his image, following his father’s instructions.


MALAK is an upright, prudent, rational and honest god who follows his father’s rules. He is naturally protective and merciful, even though he never tolerates irreverence, manipulation and defiance to the supreme law.

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Waji-Éla &


SULAI-MAKA & WAJI-ÉLA are Malak’s twin siblings. They were created in second place and they hatched together, which makes them inseparable. Anything affecting one of them will cause the same damage to the other one. He evocates doubt and she brings certainty, they are a complement, the perfect of balance when it comes to a cosmic dispute between their siblings.


Even when they are an inseparable duo, SULAI & WAJI can become very volatile elements when it comes to radical decisions: they will push for the outlook that serves the balance best. They hate confrontation, question every point of view, they’re incredulous and dependent. Cosmos creations are irrelevant to them; they only care about the harmonious divine autonomy.



KARAK-QUASIM is the youngest of the cosmic gods and he was born right from the Ethérea’s entrails. He was conceived by BAH-CHUÉ himself and he received the mission of looking after the Dark Amandla and dark matter. He is an egocentric, wicked god, who hides behind his superiority mask to look down on every other creature, including his siblings. He believes his tenacity is his biggest strength and he deeply admires his father’s authority.


He hates humans and he is convinced they will eventually become a problem, so he is determined to eliminate them with or without her siblings’ and father’s consent.

Rowi-Wamani &


ROWI-WAMANI & PACHA-CUTÉC are creatures conceived to serve the gods for eternity. At the beginning of times, they were the god’s personal guards but their mission has been transformed and now they have become the communication channel between shamans and cosmic gods. They communicate all divine plans.


ROWI represents wisdom and PACHA represents freedom. On Earth, the most similar creatures are the Snake and the Condor, respectively. They are highly powerful divine creatures if they mean to, but they are commonly docile and gentle. They are capable of transmuting, camouflaging and merging into the divine and earthy plane.



WAWGI-KACHAR is the third and last divine guard, specially conceived to serve and protect the oldest cosmic god, MALAK. He was given strength, speed, night vision, camouflaging skills and movement versatility through the four elements (water, air, earth and fire). He is the most complete and best-designed creature of all.


On Earth, he looks like a JAGUAR and he is worshipped by humans, which represent a huge advantage. He is the cornerstone of human rebellion against divine tyranny and his cosmic strength will thrust the son of the chosen one to finish his journey.



The almighty BAH-CHUÉ is the supreme creator. He (she) is pure energy in unending motion: malleable but indestructible. He (she) is the whole and nothing, light and darkness, space and time. Eternal and infinite deity, he is the primal creator of dimensions, universes and cosmic gods. He feeds on pure balanced energy, produced by mature galaxies. His incalculable size makes him the supreme deity and greatest patriarch of all cosmos.


His (her) biggest power is his ability of creation and destruction. He (she) fears becoming so immense that the energy of the galaxies won’t be enough to feed him. With no hesitations, BAH-CHUÉ will attack any element that threatens the balance of the energy and he (she) doesn’t care how many dimensions he must travel to do so.

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