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The ETHÉREA is the cosmos itself, the mystic universe where there is no time or space, but where the creator energies inhabit, where the almighty elementary forces are. Everything that exists moves or breathes is because of their will.

ETHÉREA is the timeless cosmic chamber of the mighty ones. Some call them gods, others call them creators, but they are actually light and dark beings, full of eager and kindness.


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The ETHÉREA is the eternity where THE FOUR live: creators of the universe, blacksmiths of the planets and children of the supreme BAH-CHUÉ, the almighty.


Four creators and gods who contemplate and test their creations, only to prove they are the true and absolute power.


The NEUKAYOTH is the representation of the Ethérea in the planet Earth. It is the center of the energy that feeds everything that exists, is born or perishes and it’s also the bridge between humans and Ethérea’s gods.


The NEUKAYOTH is located in the southern area of the New World (currently, the Patagonia) and it is protected by the ancestral shamans of the Cardinal points.

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In the beginning, the first shaman URUTHÚ was the protector of the NEUKAYOTH and the intermediary between humankind and the cosmic gods. His position was taken when humans despised the divine gifts of the creators and all humankind was condemned.



The SERFIATH is the antithesis of any creation, it is the nothingness itself. It is the place where energies are banished to when they perish or commit a dark crime. It is where the eternal dungeons are: where souls rest, where bodies and banished entities lay when they have been doomed due to a raising against the divine plans.


The SERFIATH is a lugubrious, mournful space, inhabited by its guardian, GUAHAIOQUÉ, a demigod entity of childish look and lethal nature.