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The SHAMANS are the guardians of Earth’s balance and the New World. They are Malak-Boaki’s spiritual guides on Earth and the first line of defense against Karak’s evil plans.


ALAPA is the leader of the shamans and the protector of the sacred temple of Neukayoth. She is the successor of the first shaman, URUTHÚ, and she was born under the protection of Nekak community. She was raised by a breed of priestess her mother belonged to. Uruthú always admired Alapa’s mother so he personally took care of Alapa when her mother died.

Her small and delicate body make her look like a weak, fragile woman, however ALAPA is the strongest, wisest and more skilled of all shamans. She is persistent with her practices of magic and superior arts because she fears vulnerability. She never shows her feelings to others because she thinks that is the first sign of weakness. Her biggest strength is her innate ability for magic, candomblé and meditation.


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CUICACANI is the second shaman in command and he lives in the Upper Lands of the New World. He is sneaky, slippery and unbelievable clever, although he presents himself as a naive man free of any malice. He is playful and friendly; he never worries about any judgments and his sense of humor spreads joy all around him. Since his early years, CUICACANI gave up on his training as a Mayaik warrior because combat was never his strength. He also failed at hunting, fishing and handcrafts, which represented a great dishonor for his community. However, one day he discovered a divine gift no one else had and that was when Alapa called him to become one of the Ancestral Shamans.


BABALOO is the third Ancestral Shaman and he lives in the lands of seas and waters of the Phantom Islands. He was born in the Kulkán tribe, the Shi-Jiri’s inheritors, and he was raised by priests who taught him their traditions and abilities. Anyone may think BABALOO is a treacherous man with a dark Amandla due to his fascination with the Serfiath. However, he is loyal and has a pure heart. He is an expert on Candomblé, white magic and the art of crossing the barriers between life and death.

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GINJIVA is the fourth and last Ancestral Shaman of the New World. He lives in the Middle Lands, inside the mythical City of the Clouds, amongst the Aka-Ele community. He is the youngest of the Shamans and his tenacity, loyalty, perseverance and determination would dazzle the gods themselves. However, he’s got a rebel, stubborn nature that always makes him swim against the current.


He is an expert in the art of battle (Capoeira), white magic, transmutation and teleportation. He is stubborn and obstinate; he hides his deepest sorrows in silence but he suffers them intensely. He doubts of himself and his abilities but he wants to become a role model for Azuk, because he is the only one who believes the kid will become the true redeemer.

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Uruthú &


URUTHÚ was the wisest man of the Nekak tribe and he was chosen by the cosmic god Malak not only to preserve the balance of the Earth but also to reveal him the secrets of magic, mysticism, light and darkness to guide humanity through the right path. Thanks to his pure heart and unbreakable strength, he was chosen as the first shaman of the New World. URUTHÚ may look like a reticent man but he is actually very suspicious and he protects his knowledge above everything else. He fears the unpredictable god’s impulses so he tries to be ready at all times to protect humanity against divine retaliations.


AMOT-OTULA is the last shaman of Uruthú’s and Alapa-Anatok’s dynasty line. He was born in the second generation of the Aka-Ele tribe, settled in San Basilio de Palenque and he was given the mission of protecting the energy balance of the New World, currently known as Latin America. In a moment of chaos and stormy times for the planet, he discovers in Kat Hernández the key piece to summon again the powers of the Wawgi-Kachar. This will be vital to resist the last retaliation of the supreme creator, Bah-Chué, who has established a terrible alliance with modern humans.