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The BLASPHEMERS are the demigods’ bastard children and they were conceived by the demigods as revenge sing against Karak, when he decided leaving all demigods on Earth instead of taking them to the Ethérea. The BLASPHEMERS are aberrant creatures; they are the nightmares torturing humans as a way of finding revenge too. During the day they are human but at night they become dark Legends. This name comes from the word Blasphemy.


DUCÁNTEIKO is also known as the “BEAST MAN” of the New World’s Middle Lands. He is son of the demigod Sangó and, just like his twin brother Bardokú; he was abandoned to his fate in the middle of the jungle. He was adopted and taken care of by a special race of primates, so he was raised as a savage animal. When he grew up and his human intelligence awoke, he decided to meet his human mother and declared war on his father and all the other demigods, self-proclaiming as the leader of the Blasphemers.


DUCÁNTEIKO feeds on humans even though he doesn’t consider them their enemies. His strength and intelligence are extraordinary and he is the only one of his kind that’s capable of controlling his metamorphosis, whether it is day time or dark full moon night.

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BADHAR or the “SCALED TITAN”, as the sailors call him, is the oldest twin of the demigoddess Yemanjá. Unlike her siblings, Yemanjá created a special bond with his children to the point of incubating them herself. Due to his closeness with sea creatures, BADHAR acquired their abilities and he became the only Blasphemer capable of living on earth and under the water.


BADHAR is the horror of the seas. Strong, clever and canny, he prefers to stay under the water. At night, when the tides are high, he attacks small boats to devour their crewmen. It’s always better if they’re sea hunters. He deeply loves her mother and sister whom he protects above everything.


Dei-Riqua &


DEI-RIQUA also is known as “LA LLORONA” is the youngest daughter of the demigod Kulaí. After conceiving her with a Mayaik woman and tired of his creations, Kulaí abandoned her own daughter. She grew up as a normal human and after the loss of her children, her divine gen woke up and turned her into an aberration. It is said that she shows up at nights, desperately calling for her kids. She will blame anyone who gets in her way for the loss of her children and then devour them.


DORIAK, also known as “EL MOHAN”, is the last son of the demigod Kumjó and he was also abandoned by his father. DORIAK gestated in the belly of a Muscai princess and this pregnancy was taken as a blessing by the Cacique. Due to his divine genes, his life lasted way longer than any other humans’, so he was banished from his own lands when his mother and grandfather died. Strong and vigorous, DORIAK always showed a taste for tobacco, just like his grandfather, and a sharp attraction for women: he kidnaps them at full moon nights to charm and then devours them.



QUIMAI-UTÉ or “THE SHADOW OF THE SUN” as Nekak people call her, is the youngest daughter of the demigoddess Kakanté. Long ago, Kakanté kidnapped the most beautiful young man from the nearest tribe, fertilized him and banished him into the desert, where the sand and winds mummified him. Her daughter’s fetus consumed the decomposing body she grew up in and adopted its bandages as a part of her own protection against the sun and the sand. The moonlight gives her strength and magic but it also uncovers her true appearance.


QUIMAI-UTÉ feeds upon stranded men on the desert or daring explorers who reach her mother’s temple. She controls sand storms and she is able to create oasis in the middle of the desert to call the attention of wanderers and finally devour them. Due to her loneliness, she longs to experience what humans call Love.

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LOA-ORIKA, known by the humans as “MADRE MONTE”, is Kumjó’s firstborn and she was conceived by the most beautiful woman of the Muscai tribe. When the fetus was big and strong enough, the demigod took her from her mother’s womb and brought her on into a beautiful savage flower (Nepenthes Ventricosa) where she grew up until she was ready for the human world.


She shows up on the river banks and in the dense jungles during full moon nights, attacking hunters and lumberjacks who hurt any kind of nature’s creations. She controls vegetation, insects and some earth animals but she loves to use her charms to catch and devour libidinous men.


O'Mara &



O’MARA, also known as “THE FIRE RIDER”, is Kulaí’s firstborn. Unlike his peers, he was naturally conceived and he grew up inside his mother womb. When his divine genes woke up, they made his temperature rise and he set everything around him on fire, including his own mother. He was banished from his tribe and he hid inside a stable, where he met his inseparable friend, a black steed that soon shared his fire curse. Although he is originally from the Upper Lands, O’MARA lives in the Middle Lands, very close to the Kingdom of Granada and he feeds upon drunken men and virgin women.


BARDOKU, also known as “THE OX MAN”, is one of Sangó’s twin children. He was incubated in the Lower Lands of the New World by a cattle tribe so his genes merged with the cattle she grew up with. He is skilled for hard work and strong for the battle, and he hunts humans as revenge but also as his own nourishment.



GAR-AZAÍT, also called “THE ARAPAIMA WOMAN” by Muscai and Mayaik tribes, is Yemanjá’s twin daughter and Badhar little sister. Just like her brother, GAR-AZAÍT was raised inside her mother’s temple and protected by all sea creatures. She created a special bond with the freshwater fishes, specially the Arapaima, where her name comes from: one of the biggest freshwater fish.


GAR-AZAÍT is flirty, sensual and straightforward in her human shape but when she turns into her beast state, she is savage and aggressive. She feeds on humans by pleasure and she loves to torture them because they are the reason her family was never taken to the Ethérea, where they truly belong. She wanders around all rivers and lakes of the New World. She controls all aquatic creatures and she inherited from her mother some kind of water control power.



GOHBAI or “THE ICE MAN” is Kakanté’s son and he was born in the Lower Lands of the New World. Kakanté fell in love with the strongest Nekak warrior and used her magic to engender a son of her inside his guts. The situation was so unnatural that the tribe’s leaders decided to tear the fetus out of his father’s guts and bury it alive inside the icy mountains. Thanks to his divine genes, the child survived and found a way back to his mother’s temple where he became his personal guard.


Unlike his peers, GOHBAI feeds on ice and some small animals. However, he captures and tortures humans for the excruciation they put him through when he was a little baby. Once in a while, he takes some human bites just for the fun of it.


Maseisán &


MASEISÁN, also called “EL HOJARRASQUÍN” by some villagers is Kumjó’s second child. He was conceived inside a Muscai woman’s womb but, unlike his sister, he was abandoned inside a dried-out old trunk, days before his father reclaim him. Due to his divine genes, he managed to survive and he adopted the properties of the ancestral trees. He attacks humans who hurt nature and he is able to control birds and vegetation.


YARO or “THE CHUPACABRAS”, as the Mayaik warriors know him, is son of the demigod Kulaí and a Mayaik pythoness. As an experiment, Kulaí took the fetus out of his mother’s womb and he put it into a rodent’s body for its hatching. That’s how YARO developed a sharp sense of smell and survival. YARO has the ability to grow five times his natural body size. He feeds on human flesh and fresh blood but he also loves goat and sheep flesh, that’s where his name comes from.