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The ANIMATED products will bring to life the adventures and feats of our liberator hero for the youngest audiences. These products will be focused on a TV Show content line and they will be produced under the highest standards of the international markets.

TV Show*

The ANIMATED TV SHOW will begin when 10-year-old Azuk is protected by his Master, Salomao Ginjiva, and taken to the Ancestral Shamans. Even though he is not the chosen one for humankind’s redemption, Azuk has the gen of the chosen one running through his blood and he will start a journey through the Lands of the New World to train himself and become the hero he was always meant to be.


The ANIMATED SHOW is initially developed for one season with 8 episodes each and a 22-minute length for every episode. (Format 8X22’X1). This contemporary format is currently used for most international digital streamers and it will ease the adaptation of the content from editorial platforms into the animated formats.


The sketch techniques will respond to the American-Manga style. This style merges the American and Japanese styles to create an international look throughout the whole show.



2013/ Looking for a Project made 100% by Latin talents, 7GLAB, the intellectual property owner, in co-production with the Argentinian Animation Studio, HOOKUP ANIMATION, create a work team between Colombia and Argentina to start with the first animation tests and develop the Pilot’s Teaser for the animated show.

2014/ The co-production team developed a trailer to test the audience’s response to the traditionally 2D animated project made by Colombians and Argentinians talents.

2015/ The production and development process for the animated product begins. Simultaneously, the soundtrack production begins alongside the Colombian Symphonic Orchestra and under the direction of the Colombian orchestra director Alejandro Ramírez Rojas.

2020/ The Animated Shortfilm is ready in 2017 but it will not be released until the whole content is updated. It is a twelve-minute short film that introduces ZAMBO DENDÉ’s animated show: A FREEDOM’S JOURNEY.

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*Final Shots / Visual Art

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Concept art pieces are developed to show the 2D Animation esthetics and art looks, not only for the first season of the TV Show, but also for the upcoming seasons where the story continues with an adult ZAMBO DENDÉ.


*Characters / 2D Line