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Loyal, faithful, trustworthy, noble, merciful and committed are some of the features and attributes that represent all of the ALLIES and friends of our protector hero and his freedom cause.

Yabonga Dendé

YABONGA DENDÉ is the true heir of the Shi-Jiri throne and he is also the father of Azuk-Maconnen-Kalen (ZAMBO DENDÉ). Since he was a little boy, he was educated under the Dendé lineage’s principles of equality, perseverance and freedom. He was interested in war and military strategy and he was trained by the best masters of the tribe, including his father, Kafunelé. His impetus, energy and strength make him look like a defiant, disrespectful man, but he is a noble guy who respects and honours his ancestors’ traditions.


YABONGA is the man chosen by the cosmic god Malak-Boaki to protect human sovereignty before the retaliation of his brother, the cosmic god Karak-Quasim. As an act of true love, he decides to sacrifice himself to protect his wife’s and son’s life. This act breaks the divine pact he had and left a huge responsibility upon his newborn child’s shoulders: the protection of the humankind. However, thanks to his semi-divine genes, he will be able to join his son’s journey until its final moments.

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Naitsie Naobi

NAITSIE NAOBI was born in the Turbaco community; she is the daughter of one of the most powerful caciques of the Muscai tribe and also the mother of Azuk Maconnen-Kalen (ZAMBO DENDÉ). NAITSIE was educated by the highest breed of wise erudite men, even when she preferred to learn all kind of arts and crafts because she was convinced all of them were vital to her community’s development. She is convinced she was a princess by chance because she always felt like a member of her tribe’s big family.


Moments before her arranged marriage, NAITSIE was taken as a slave during a raid planned by some invaders and led by Marko “Six Corpses” McGloin, Antonio de Borbón’s Lieutenant. Soon she was taken to La Encrucijada Lands to serve as grain and tobacco gatherer. During her captivity, she met Yabonga, Shi-Jiri’s Prince. They instantly fell in love and secretly married, as a part of an escape plan. She gave birth to the little Azuk some minutes before she was murdered and she never suspected his son will take the place of his father and will become the only salvation hope for humankind.


Madeleine De Borbón

MADELEINE DE BORBÓN is the legitimate daughter of Anabelle and De Borbón marriage. She was born in the lands of the New World and raised in La Encrucijada, with all the privileges De Borbón could spoil her with. During her childhood, she used to share some reckless adventures with Azuk when Anabelle adopted Azuk as a member of the family. De Borbón hated this situation and tried his best to keep Azuk as far away as possible from her daughter. Even though she looks like a weak delicate young lady, MADELEINE’s strength, energy and impetus make her a respected woman within the medicine and botanical spheres: quite an accomplishment given the time she lived in.


After a long stay in the Lands of Arts, MADELEINE DE BORBÓN returns to the New World and she is ready to exercise her abilities as a botanist. She never suspected her profession and the exotic place she arrived to would lead her to a romantic story where the love of her life wouldn’t be an aristocratic gentleman, but a village man with a freedom mission.


Bamba &

Anabelle De Borbón

IDALINA BAMBA is De Borbón family’s loyal handmaid, Anabelle’s right-hand woman and Madeleine’s confident. Her ancestors were Shi-Jiri members but she was born a slave and raised as a servant to live by the side of her masters and serve all their needs. Back in the day, BAMBA was a very close friend to Yabonga and Naitsie and she helped them uncover Naitsie’s pregnancy, so none of their masters would discover such a secret.


ANABELLE DE BORBÓN is a loving mother and a faithful wife. She has a humble, huge heart and she treats anyone as equals even though she is the wife of the most influential man of the region. She is a wise woman, self-aware of her feelings, she has a strategy behind every decision and she is very accurate when it comes to solving her problems. ANABELLE means everything to Don Antonio De Borbón and he is willing to risk his life for her because ANABELLE is the only person who saw beyond the pig breeder he was. She was seduced by his persistence, his ideals and his never-ending hard work and it made her commit for family life.

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Arika Biohó

ARIKA BIOHÓ is a skilled bow and arrow warrior and the most beloved daughter of Benkos. She was born in the City of the Clouds when it was barely a tiny settlement inside the Middle Lands’ mountains. Witty, intelligent and risky, her strategies are not always the most conventional but they’re always effective. She admires reckless and brave warriors because she tends to be a little more cautious. She is jealous, territorial and she will always fight back if someone tries to harm her. She hates dishonesty and disloyalty.


ARIKA joins her father’s army after she completes all the tests the male warriors must face and her performance was so outstanding she even becomes a Captain. As an adult, she meets Azuk and they create a good friendship and an amazing work team that soon evolves into something more intimate.


Axé & Garok

AXÉ, a noble, faithful warrior and his inseparable friend, GAROK, his loyal tamed jaguar are the most skilled trackers and explorers of the Aka-Ele community and they dream to become a part of the exclusive Cimarron guard and join the mythical ZAMBO DENDÉ on his quests.


AXÉ was born in an Utá village, a small community of the Muscai tribe that was assaulted by invaders and his inhabitants were taken as slaves for a sugar farm. This terrible event left AXÉ an orphan and he was protected by a female pregnant jaguar and rescued by the Cimarrón guard. Grateful, AXÉ takes the baby jaguar as his own brother of a different species and takes good care of it. When AXÉ met Azuk, he was so inspired by his bravery and tenacity he wanted to become his successor. Azuk is the older brother AXÉ never had.

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Sr. Francis Drake &

Gonzalo de Guerrero

Sir FRANCIS DRAKE is a noble knight of the Crown’s court and a dreadful privateer who protects the queen and her commands. He shows himself as an honourable, polite, studied and reliable man but he uses his eloquence to hide his true treacherous nature. During a long time, he was a terrible crock and his hidden affairs with the queen got him an important spot in the inner circle of the royalty. This is the very influence he uses to betray his friend, Admiral Joseph McKenzie.


GONZALO DE GUERRERO is one of the most important leaders of the Aka-Ele tribe but he used to be the right-hand man of Francis Drake during his maritime raids and his slave raptures. As a random matter, GONZALO ended up as a war prisoner of the Mayaik tribe but, after some conversation with Muscai leaders, they decided to spare his life in exchange for a lifetime forced labour. His contact with slaves and natives in the City of the Clouds changed his perspective on the value of freedom and equity, so he decided to join the Cimarrón guard as a warrior and then he became a member of the family.

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Benkos Biohó

BENKOS BIOHÓ, also known as THE GREAT CIMARRÓN by natives and invaders, was the icon of freedom before ZAMBO DENDÉ’s arrival. He is a living nightmare for slave merchants of the New World and its surroundings: a relentless General and a warrior from the moment he was born. BENKOS is responsible for the massive liberations of foreign slaves and enslaved natives around the New World. He was born in the lands of the Ebony Men and captured as a slave from a very young age. However, he has become a true headache because he has always managed to escape from his captors.


During a liberation raid, BENKOS met Yabonga Dendé and saw the perfect ally in him for his own liberation plans. Together they decided to start a plan with an unexpected ending. The friendship between the two warriors is so strong, BENKOS promises to fight for freedom and protect Yabonga’s offspring. This motivates him to start an emancipatory campaign hand in hand with the most daring warriors, creating an elite army known as the Cimarrones.



NIO-KUJÚ is a member of the Muscai tribe and also the ethical cacique of the Chibaqué community. He is a paternal, loving leader but he can also be tough and relentless when bad decisions are made. He fears disagreement and disunity because he knows they can make his community vulnerable, so he always acts as a conciliator element during any dispute. His siblings’ pain is his own pain and that’s his Achilles heel.


When NIO-KUJÚ was still a little boy he met Azuk and they became friends in a mystical adventure that turned into a near-death experience. His friendship will be challenged several times but they will remain partners in the battle for equality and freedom.


Thanks to his experience as a military strategist and during times of war between slaves and invaders, NIO-KUJÚ is chosen to be the great cacique of the Aka-Ele tribe and he has one mission: to establish the newly liberated community inside the City of the Clouds.

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Yienzhen Lao

YIENZHEN-LAO comes from the royal family of the Lands of the Setting Sun and he is the true successor of the whole dynasty. He is a kind, fair man but he is also strict to the limit which has created a tyrant reputation for him in the distant lands. He is an innate strategist and he is very careful with his decisions because he is afraid of ruining the empire his ancestors built. His intelligence merges his kindness to make his reign a prosperous place. When he was still a very young man, he asked his father to let him travel around the kingdom to know first-hand the lands and communities he would rule one day and prepare himself for his upcoming reign. His journey made him a wiser, fairer and more loyal man, beloved by his people.


Once he became emperor, YINZHEN-LAO tried to fix the trades and the political situation with the Crown, but the greedy queen disagreed and turned it into a state of war. YINZHEN then decided to use his military and maritime fleet to protect his lands from the merciless monarch. During an overseas journey, he was captured by the Ducado clan and his life was saved by Azuk. YINZHEN is now in debt and it will turn him into an ally when Azuk starts his freedom quest as ZAMDO DENDÉ.



AQUALTUNÉ is the powerful, disciplined and mystic queen of Bahía de Salvadores, the region where warriors from Upper and Middle Lands are trained. She has some shaman abilities and she trains warriors during the Ikeko-Ikú: the most important event that summons the best combat and military strategy warriors from all over the New World. She could seem cocky and a little bit arrogant but she is truly an extremely meticulous, strict and severe woman. She is very suspicious and always tries to check everything by herself. She also hates lazy people and those who never fight for their goals.


With the help of master Ginjiva, AQUALTUNÉ will lead Azuk to the very limits of his human capacities, looking for a glimpse of divine Amandla. What they never suspected was that Azuk’s persistence would exceed any supernatural gifts.

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Lian Shao

LIAN SHAO is an Asian girl and a Political Sciences student at Saint Pete Corberus University. In her spare time, she is an advocate for the underprivileged and she works as an undercover activist in the Deep Web with a talented group of hackers self-proclaimed as THE GRAY WIZARD. LIAN is Kat’s best friend and her accomplice of activism. She comes from a wealthy family and she loves fashion, glamour and everything on-trend.


LIAN is a technology smarty-pants and she will help Kat during her entire journey. Together they will unravel the mysteries around the secret organization of the Emerald Circle.


Katherine Hernández

KATHERINE HERNÁNDEZ or KAT as her closest friends call her, is the most outstanding student in Saint Pete Corberus University and simultaneously the most renowned equal-rights activist for minorities and vulnerable communities.


She is an orphan adopted by a loving tacos vendor, Mr. Miguel Hernández. He gave Kat his last name and became a humble, loving father for her. Kat shows herself as a rude girl, ready to face any challenge but the truth is she has always been touched by every situation around her. She is willing to contradict any authority if she notices any kind of injustice; she doesn’t admit any theories without a valid justification; she is incredulous, thorough and passionate.


Thanks to her graduation project, KAT is about to know her true origins and she will become a fundamental piece to summon the mystic powers of the Jaguar god to finally face Bah-Chué’s revenge against humankind.